Iris and RayThe Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition is a story about American culture as told through one family. Ray & Iris Green wanted to get married and were told no over and over by Ray’s US Air Force superiors. They would not take no for an answer and eventually married and raised a family of mixed-race American kids.

This new book tells the story of this family and how their daughter, Sue, found herself in a similar position to her parents when she wanted to marry the love of her life, a woman while most of the states in the U.S. still banned same-sex marriage. RobinandSue

This story may be about one family’s journey. But it is truly an American tale.

Out in the fall of 2017, The Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition is published by Villarosa Media.


Soledad O’Brien on
The Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition

“Susan Green and Robin Phillips brilliantly use their own family story to connect the dots between the long-ago battles to allow interracial marriages and today’s fight for same-sex marriage equality.

“As a journalist, and the daughter of an interracial couple, I know well how important it is to expose the public to the human story of how lives have been upended by discrimination. This is a compelling story of laughter and life, fear and frustration, joy and triumph, a very personal look inside the lives of a family that faced discrimination not once, but twice.”

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